Giving Thanks

Posted on November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. Already the year is coming to a close… and what a year. Many unfortunate things have happened this year, if you’ve checked up on your 401K or IRA’s your feeling it. Uncertainty still hangs in the balance and many of us are fearful of the future, and thus all the more important that we stop, reflect on what we’ve accomplished, what we have, and most importantly who we have around us.

For myself, I’ have a lot to be thankful for this year. Its been a tough one, I’ve slipped badly on a variety of projects and goals and have been massively bummed out about it. And yet, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve grown in both experience and wisdom I think. I had the opportunity to start writing a column this year. I got to meet a lot of great people this year. Gave the first keynote of the first OpenSolaris Storage Summit, which was awesome. Got to be on stage at the Fishworks launch, and even better got to participate in the Fishworks development over the last couple years.

Most importantly, I got to continue working at Joyent around a lot of really good and smart people. Tamarah and I have grown together by yet another year, conceive Conrad, our third child (due to GA in Feb 09), and both Nova and Glenn have grown significantly… I am an immensely proud husband and father. We were blessed with a house, that we can afford. And I still get to do what I love, work from home on Solaris.

To all my readers and especially those of you who forgive my poor spelling and grammar, I thank you for your support.