DevOps LA on Aug 27th

Posted on August 18, 2012

I've been invited to speak at  DevOps LA on Monday, Aug 27th.  The title I've chosen is "The DevOps Transformation" but it will not be the talk I gave at LISA. Partly because I've already given that talk, and partly because I only have a 20-30 minute speaking slot.  I'll be looking beyond those fundamental principles and considering some new material, including work flow, routing, and conversion with the LEAN world at large.  I will not ...

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At LISA, back in November, an attendee asked that I blog about work/life balance... "how you do it".  I've obviously taken my time about it.  Everyone's situation is different, ideology is different, culture is different.  Parenting is very important to me, so I will indulge, but going in please understand that no two families are the same, therefore I can share my situation, but this is not prescriptive or intended say any other way is right ...

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