Help with SAPro: Request for Participants

Posted on November 26, 2008

No, the SA Pro podcast isn’t dead… but it needs help. I’ve been surprised how many great interviewees don’t want to do a podcast interview. Between work and shy guests its stalled.

I want to do 2 separate podcasts next week. I’d like 3-4 SA’s per round-table. Here are the topics:

  1. Time-Management and Project Management for SysAdmin’s on the move. Managing a lot of spinning plates is tough, especially when you have to manage multiple multi-week projects with minimal staff, assistance, etc. Adapting Software Development practices is a mixed bag of pain.
  2. Tough Economic Times. The economy is in the crapper, checking your 401K can cause health complications, and what is next is a big question mark. Got tips to share, ideas of how our industry will be impacted?

If you’re interested in participating in either of these please email me (benr – We will probly record one on Monday at 6PM Pacific and the other on Wed at 6PM Pacific. Participation is via Skype con-call. I can dial out to non-skype users, so don’t let that keep you from participating.

Remember the qualifications for participation are that you must have 10 years of industry experience, agree with the System Administrators’ Code of Ethics, and a sense of humor is considered a bonus.

Help a brother out… should be interesting discussions.