Solaris 10 6/06 Update 2: ZFS Hits the Data Center

Posted on June 26, 2006

Solaris 10 Update 2 is officially ready for download. Currently bandwidth is being strained at Sun due to massive interest in the release.

For the scoop on whats new and exciting, What’s New in the Solaris 10 6/06 Release doc. Some high points include:

  • The Solaris ZFS File System
  • Predictive Self-Healing for x64 Systems
  • Predictive Self-Healing Support for SNMP Notification
  • Common Agent Container (for JMX and JDMK
  • iSCSI Multiple session target (MS/T) support
  • The logadm Utility
  • Volfs now SMF’ized
  • IPv6 for IPFilter
  • UDP and TCP Performance Enhancement
  • SSL Proxy Module
  • AES Counter Mode
  • PKCS #11 v2.20 Support in the Solaris Cryptographic Framework
  • Kerberos Cred Auto-Renew
  • iSNS Client Support for iSCSI
  • cdrecord, readCD, and cdda2wav Available
  • x86: PCI Express Support on x86 Systems
  • Solaris support for LSISAS1064 RAID Operations
  • x86: Xorg X Server Version 6.9
  • x86: SATA HBA Framework Support
  • rge Driver (Realtek)
  • x86: Driver Support for AMD64 Platform (glm)
  • x86: AGPgart Driver for x86 Systems
  • Chelsio NIC Driver Support (10Gb Ethernet)
  • HBA Drivers (QLogic and Emulex)
  • 32-bit: RealPlayer for the Solaris OS
  • PostgreSQL for the Solaris OS [Officially Supported!!!]

This is, of course, a thinned down list of what I consider high points. There is lots lots lots more. I’ve been on the Update 2 Beta team, I’ve been running it (minus ZFS) for about 3 months and love it and haven’t had a single glitch.

This is the best production release ever, and there is still plenty to come. Solaris rules!!!