Business 2 Point WTF?

Posted on June 26, 2006

10 People Who Don’t Matter. This little crock of crap that is B2.0’s idea of journalistic insite is frankly sickening. Its always been a shitty rag, I doubt anyone would defend it, but their lists as of late just really point out how massively short sighted and niave they are. Perhaps a merger between B2.0 and The Register is in order, then they’ll get both tech and biz wrong together.

Some of Business 2.0’s People Who Don’t Matter:

  • Ballmer: Microsoft
  • Malda: Slashdot
  • Schwartz: Sun
  • Torvalds: Linux

Microsoft controls most of the desktops on planet Earth, like it or not. The guy running the show and pointing the ship doesn’t matter? Sun has machines in almost every data center on the planet, and drives most of the cell phones on earth, and Schwartz doesn’t matter? Malda and Torvalds both were part of a movement that revolutionized the industry and all they get is shit slapped in their faces?

These people deserve more than to be smacked around by a shit rag.

So who does matter?

  • You! (The Consumer)
  • Brin & Page: Google
  • Jobs: Apple
  • The New Oil Despots
  • Benioff:
  • Butterfield & Fake: Flickr
  • Zander: Motorola
  • Hurd: HP
  • Bernanke: Fed
  • Hoffman: LinkedIn

I think I’ll dub this the “50 People Who’s Asses We Need To Kiss”. Hurd’s success is questionable, Bernanke is hanging in the balance, naming just about every .Com they can think of, and pandering to oil. Nice. Very objective list. Funny that almost every name on that list of “50 People Who Matter” depend on Sun, Microsoft, and Linux for their success…. but, like, why think about that.

I know I’m a little pissed off here, but taking guys like Linus Torvalds and Rob Malda who just like helping people and doing something that people appreciate and kicking ’em in the gut is just f**ked up. Taking a CEO in his first 60 days and putting him down without just cause is just wrong. Even Ballmer, who’s used to this sort of thing I’m sure, doesn’t deserve that sort of shitty treatment. Its rags like B2.0 and shitty lists like these that just depress people and don’t contribute anything worthwhile to human existance and illustrate exactly how little these old world morons understand about what they are trying to pander to.