A Little Friday Distraction

Posted on November 20, 2009

Role models are something we have few of; sad that perhaps the most recent one comes from a beer commercial:

I mean, come on… his advice on careers “Find what you don’t do well…. and don’t do that thing.” Classic!

Need something more expansive? Learn Chinese! If you find it difficult, try to learn Japanesse… and then you’ll go back and appreciate how much easier Chinese languages are.

Not intellectual enough? Need to stretch those brain cells a bit more? Then, I ask, what is justice? As a Christian I have all those answers, laid down thousands of years ago, but since apparently folks like to re-invent the wheel (something King Solomon explained to us about 1,000 BC… “There is nothing new under the sun”), try Harvard’s Michael Sandel discussion on Justice. A fun and engaging discussion in one of Harvard’s beautiful facilities, exploring the “Moral Side of Murder”. It’s an enjoyable mental exercise and well expressed.

And finally, since I mentioned Christianity, if you are not a Christian but curious about it, here is a recent and awesome sermon from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Watch it, argue with it, think about it, I think you’ll enjoy it. Pastor Mark is always fun.

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