Cuddle Labs Update

Posted on June 30, 2008

Cuddletech Labs has been slowed to a crawl lately as we move from Fremont to Tracy to our new home. For those who are interested, here’s a personal update… Nova is 4, Glenn is 2 going on 3 in July, and Tamarah and I are blessed with our third child on the way (current names are Conrad or Eve, depending on gender). The house in Fremont is a rental, we moved to it from an apartment in Fremont just before Nova was born. We’re moving because we were evicted, given 60 day notice. We were led to a week prior start taking a look at the massive number of foreclosed properties our in Tracy, given that any properties in the Bay Area even as far out as Livermore are $500,000 and up, and most under $600,000 are run down in bad neighborhoods… out in Tracy there are tons of nice, new properties foreclosed for $300,000 and under. Its 45 minutes away from Fremont, and thus the Silicon Valley, with no traffic, 2 hours plus in heavy traffic, but I’m blessed to work for Joyent were I work from home. The Lord has blessed us and we quickly found a prime property that needed a little work but was in an ideal area with a unique and excellent floorplan. We closed and took keys on Wed and immediate started fixing things and moving in. At present we have about 20% of our stuff moved. We hoped to have a lot more progress, but moving with 2 young children and a pregnant wife isn’t easy… we down shifted from an aggressive move schedule into a more relaxed one, given that our 60 day notice ends on the 13th of July.

It sucks that we’re forced to leave Fremont, and it sucks that we’ll be so far away… but we’re insanely blessed none the less, given that we now own our first home which is significantly nicer than our current rental, we’re still living in California and close to the Silicon Valley rather than having to leave the state like so many other native Californian’s have, and a new locale means new experiences, new friends, a new church, and opportunities. We’ve leaned on the Lord 110% and He’s had our backs the whole way, everything just happened easily and quickly and we’re thankful for His provision, yet again.

A change of scenery is always a useful thing. I’m busy atm learning about tile, caulking, and plumbing, but hope to get down to more interesting things soon so that I can get some fun content into this blog.