Joyent & Sun: The Movie

Posted on October 17, 2006

Hi… remember me? I used to blog and stuff. But like, now, I have to actually work for a living. It was nice at Homestead, my former place of employment, because I’d been there long enough to have automated and built almost everything. I did like maybe 3 hours of real work a day. It was sweet, and I blogged a lot. But, now I’m a new guy with lots of stuff to design and build, no sleep for me.

Wanna see the guys I work for? Sun recorded a nifty video clip a couple months ago (before I came on staff). You can see “the office” in San Anselmo and some of our server in San Diego. I work at home and only venture north (about 60 miles or so) once a week.

Click on the image to see the flick. Its a nice spot.

While I’m crazy busy its really kool to be working full time on putting OpenSolaris to work. In a sense OpenSolaris evangelism is now a full time job, showing to both my employeer and our customers just how kick ass OpenSolaris is and what it can offer them while helping drive the project in a hands on way as a contributer. Its a lot of work but I’m proud of what we’re building.