California Heat Wave and Comcast Outages

Posted on July 24, 2006

California is know as a sunny and warm place, but “warm” isn’t as correct as “temporate”. Its almost always “just right”(tm) and we love it. Temps in the Bay Area this weekend have reached up into the 100’s, something we usually only see in the inland parts of the state that aren’t effected by the cooling forces of the Pacific breeze. Friday night Tamarah and I were so desprate to get away from the heat that we took a drive out to Half Moon Bay to enjoy sunset on the beach. Sat and Sun we just stayed as cool as possible.

Comcast has been on the fritz the last 3 days. I had a lot to get done this weekend and all of it was skuttled due to connectivity issues. Friday night I woke up at 4am and it was still in the high 80’s in the house so I decided to save my workstations and shut them all down, and they remain down today. Tamarah said that network connectivity is being restored and lost in bursts throughout the day today as they work on restoring service. Temps are supposed to continue to drop. We’ve at least been lucky that we haven’t had any black-outs in our area of Fremont.

With any luck I’ll be able to get back to where I was Thursday night when I get home this evening so I can finish up some exciting things I’ve got for everyone. In the meantime, the forced downtime/relaxation time hasn’t been entirely horrible, although I’m sick of the heat. We’re thankful that we have an AC unit, but the insolation and ductwork in our house is so bad that after running the AC constantly for several house the temp only drops a couple degrees… but in this heat anything is better than nothing.

If anyone has been waiting for mail replies, you won’t get one untill I’ve got my mail server at home (AnySystem rules! I love my Blade1K) back online which will hopefully occur this evening.

BTW, for any Comcast customers. I learned today that you will not recieve a credit to your account for an outage unless you report it! That means every day you don’t have service you must call it in, day-by-day, to recieve credit. I think that stupid, but thats the way they want it.