Google Page Rankings

Posted on June 20, 2006

I’ve been in one of those “whats the point” ruts. At some point so much piles up on the TODO list that you spend more time manageing that list than taking things off it. When the work grows unpropotional to appreciation at some point you hit that “no one cares, whats the point” rut, that I’m in now. Sometimes Google can provide some comfort, so I thought I’d do a quick check of some of my page rankings. Here’s what I found.

Google Ranking as of 6/20/06:

Term                    First Ranking

iscsi                   16
iscsi linux             2
iscsi rhel              2
iscsi target            10
iscsi solaris           11

solaris                 -
opensolaris             58

vxvm                    1
Veritas Volume Manager  8

snmp                    98
snmp ruby               5
snmp perl               3
snmp netapp             4

netapp                  62
netapp monitoring       3
netapp iscsi            5

3par                    19

RHEL sucks              2
red hat sucks           4

enlightenment           -
enlightenment solaris   1
enlightenment linux     -
enlightenment irix      13
edje                    10

RRDtool                 20

Oracle                  -
Oracle Solaris          -
Oracle OpenSolaris      36
Guide to Oracle         5

[ - indicates ranking is >100 ]

So I guess, based on this, I should be pushing even more on iSCSI, since thats my nitch. I’ve clearly got VxVM covered. I doubt that 3Par likes my ranking of 19… especially given that its not the most flattering review. I’m proud of my #2 for “RHEL Sucks”.

To be clear, these rankings are based on cuddletech’s ranking, not mine. In many cases sites that I manage or articles that mention me are even higher than the cuddletech ranking.

The two most common names I saw in the rankings besides my own were Phil Brown’s and Mark Mayo’s VMUNIX Blues. So I should either respect these guys immensely as comrads or kill them for their ranking…. but both of them are amazing guys and really kool, so I suppose I’ll have to let them live. When I get my LDAP stuff done I’ll really finally give BoltHole a run for the money… except of course that neither Phil or myself get anything for our resources. Oh well. Thankfully we both have really really understanding and wonderful wives.