Battlefield 2: Armored Fury

Posted on June 19, 2006

I recently got bummed out that Battlefield 2, my relaxation tool of choice, has become a bit boring. Its gotten harder and harder to find large matches that are fun and exciting. My preference is for flying Blackhawk choppers on large 64 player maps, namely my favorite map FuShe Pass. The servers lately have had fewer and fewer player, the maps that do have players tend to be ground assult maps that I think are massively boring, such as Karkland. Given that BF2 really isn’t a very interesting game for snipers I really just wanna fly choppers and kick some but in a team setting.

So in my frustration, I decided to pony up the $10 and buy the new Armored Fury booster pack. So far, I really think it was worth it. Several new maps featuring the US Eastern Seaboard are fun and challanging. In general, vehicles are everywhere, there is no excuse for not having something to drive, and in the case that your stranded, your Commander can now drop a vehicle to you just like a supply crate. Its not uncommon on some of these new maps to have literally 3 to 4 tanks lined up, ready to roll.

The new airborne addtions are welcome, including two ultra-fast and ultra-maneuverable helicopters which are part attack chopper, thanks to the dual sidemounted .50 cals, but also a recon vehicle which shows up on your map like a UAV with limited radar range. In the fixed wing dept, we’ve got 2 new planes, most interestingly the A10 Warthog. Its fun to fly, has a kick ass armorment, and is really snappy, but takes some time to adjust to.

All in all, the game is making BF2 a lot more interesting. I’ve enjoyed the small battles I’ve had so far. I’d love to get into a match with a lot of folks that work together well with tanks. A proper deployment of like 5 tanks and 2 anti-aircraft would be damned near unstoppable and a real blast (no pun).

So if your not ready to give up on BF2 yet but need to add some spice to life, pick up Armored Fury and look for me on the servers. For $10 its well worth it.