1. Welcome to the Real World

Up until this point you have been learning how to put Veritas objects together. It is hoped that by now you have a good solid grasp of how these objects are put together to form volumes. Now, we're going to quicken the pace and learn some of the things you be dealing with in every day volume management. I'm not going to cover any of these concepts in their entirety, but rather going to give you a pedestal to jump off of. Remember that there is no way for anyone to teach you all that you want to know about any particular topic, especially Veritas. You may then wonder why this course is entitled "advanced", this is because the following topics are a gateway into your own study into the Veritas volume manager. From these introductions you will go on to man pages and product guides. Absorb the following and you should be well set to move on into a excellent career as an Enterprise Storage Administrator.