Time for Change



When I opened the doors on Cuddletech back around 1999 I wanted to create something unique for a UNIX focused website, something sexy and fun yet informative.   The website started out as hand written HTML making extensive use of click-maps and hidden tables.  For its day it a very forward looking design I think… but, this was also when all HTML was written with the expectation of a 800px wide page, which just looks cramped on modern displays.   A headhot of my wife Tamarah in a pink wig became almost iconic:

cuddletech-headerBut the days of hand-written HTML and writing “books” in DocBook or LaTeX are behind us.  Besides that, prior to 2007 I had a lot of time available for blogging… since then I’ve continued to write quite a lot but its largely been internally focused.

Now its 2014 and its time to write more publicly, but the world has changed.  I frequently wonder what readers really want.  So I put it to you, my peers and readers… what do kind of content to you feel is under served in 2014?

Email me at benr -at- cuddletech.