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Splunk for Solaris/X86 Released

Hot off the presses, Splunk 2.0.8 for Solaris/X86 is ready for download. I deployed it on my B38 system in less than 5 minutes and its running well so far. If your new to Splunk, please see my earlier coverage... Splunk Overview Centralizing Syslog on Solaris Solaris BSM Auditing Putting it all together: Splunk End-to-End Coming of Age: Splunk 2.0

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Hands on OpenSolaris: Digging your fingers into the project

Given that today is our birthday, it seems like a good time to give a little "whats what" review for those who might be new. So lets look at some various areas of OpenSolaris. Get the Code You can view the code online via OpenGrok (our source browser), you can download a buildable tarball of the code (compilers are available for free here), or checkout the ...

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OpenSolaris Turns 1: A Year in Review

This has been an interesting year... a long year thats passed in the blink of an eye. We've had some ups, some downs, and a hell of a lot of adjustment. I've been a Sun and Solaris zealot for years pursuing Solaris evangelism in any place I can, but in this last year I've been given the oppertunity to go almost literally from zero to hero. Two years ago I was ...

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