Planet Solaris Dies the Death

Posted on July 8, 2010

A very sad day indeed… Planet Solaris is dead. Just another in a long line of bad signs. Please use instead. A big thanks to David Edmondson for running for so long.

I am partly responsible. Sorry to everyone that the blog has been so quiet lately. Given that state of Solaris right now, its unclear what is dead and what is alive. It feels futile to blog about features that may never really be viable. Couple that with OpenSolaris which still hasn’t delivered and the fact that many of the features that need documenting are really pretty uninteresting to me (ie: IPS/AI).

The exodus still continues. Lots of engineers have left Sun and many more are considering leaving. I’m told by folks that its not a huge problem because while the big name guys are leaving, the real down in the trench do-ers are still there and working away. But it certainly is disheartening.

The most recent news out there was that Oracle yanked HP’s OEM License, so if you run Solaris on HP Prolient servers, your hosed. See? Not a lot of positive stuff for me to blog about.

Personally, I’ve been more interested recently with the growing ‘Devops’ movement and IT standards. I’ve spent a lot of time in ITILv3, ISO 20K/27K, CobiT 4.1, COSO, NIST SP800-53, etc, etc, etc. A whole new and interesting world to me because I came to it instead of a company hoisting it on me against my will.

I have several articles to get out for SearchDataCenter which I’ll plug here, and then will start rolling new content out here in a bit.