Results of the 2010 OpenSolaris Election

Posted on March 24, 2010

The results are in. We have a new OGB and a new Constitution.

Your board shall be:

  • Dennis Clarke
  • Moinak Ghosh
  • Teresa Giacomini
  • Simon Phipps
  • John Plocher
  • Joerg Schilling
  • Peter Tribble

This is the most radical election to date. Only one of the members is a current Sun/Oracle employee (the lovely Teresa Giacomini). Moinak Ghosh of Belenix fame represents divergant distros and is ex-Sun. John & Simon are ex-Sun. And then we have 3 pure community movers-and-shakers: Dennis Clarke (of Blastwave fame), SA Extraordinary Peter Tribble (returning board member), and perhaps the most passionate Solaris advocate of all time, the one and only Joerg Schilling.

Frequently outspoken, always controversial, Joerg is fantastic. I’ve stated before that any body which is always unanimous is horrifically broken. This can happen because either: a) the body moves so slowly that by the time votes happen everyone has been convinced, or b) the body does not realistically represent the populous. Because, the populous is never unanimous, the board shouldn’t be either. But besides that, Joerg is going to draw a lot more attention to the board and its (lack) of activities. Between Moinak, Dennis, and Joerg I think we’re in for a treat.

As for the wet rag of a constitution, it has, finally, passed. Proving yet again that if you are unwilling to live up to your commitments, you should simply make a new commitment which commits you to doing nothing.