Oracle/Sun Deal Gets More Time

Posted on November 25, 2009

Just an update on the acquisition front… Oracle gets more time to respond to EC antitrust concerns. “The deadline for a final ruling has been put back to Jan. 27 from Jan. 19, which amounts to six additional working days for Oracle to win over the skeptical regulator.”

It’s become crystal clear, for those not following the issue, that this is really all about MySQL. As I and others have sited repeatedly, the de facto standard MySQL engine for enterprise deployments is InnoDB which is already owned by Oracle, which really puts a big dent in the argument. All this makes you wonder, would Oracle have still acquired Sun if they didn’t own MySQL? I tend to think, yes. Which makes that deal seem all the more ridiculous. All the same, Sun paid $1B for it, so the suggestion that Oracle should just let that entity break back off is even more ridiculous, not to mention just bad business.