Nevada Build 128 BFU’s Ready

Posted on November 24, 2009

Nevada Build 128b (snv_128) is now closed and available as BFU or source tarball. This means that those who want to play with ZFS Dedup but don’t want to build from source can give it a go.

It should be said that there have been a lot of exciting enhancements to Nevada over the last couple of builds. Here are some of the changes in the last couple builds:

  • ZFS Dedup
  • zpool recovery support
  • More ZFS fixes and improvements than you can shake a stick at
  • Solaris now has bridging, and RBridges (IETF TRILL)
  • Crossbow now provides link-protection (IP Anti-Spoof); this was a Joyent request we’re glad to see incorporated
  • Flowadm now implements remote_port attribute (was in the man page since the beginning but only added in 126)
  • ksh93 update 2
  • Solaris Hotplug Framework
  • Smartcard support was ripped out
  • ILB: Integrated L3/L4 Load balancer … yes, thats right, a L3/L4 Load Balancer integrated INTO the Solaris kernel! This is my play toy atm.
  • iSCSI Boot
  • Piles and piles of COMSTAR and FCOE enhancements
  • FMA for Nehalem_EX
  • Solaris 10 zones
  • Fast Crash Dump
  • Lots of Audio improvements
  • Clearview IP Tunneling (ie: create IP tunnels via dladm and associate resource controls like any other link)
  • Datalink Administration from Non-Global Zones
  • Solaris Packet Capture
  • Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver
  • … and on and on and on.

If your not running at least Build 121 your really behind the times, and I highly recommend that if you have the time to install SX:CE 127 and BFU up to 128… or, if your busy with the holidays, make sure you set aside some time in December to really dig into the new hotness when SX:CE 128 releases.

UPDATE: It was announced that there shall be No SXCE 128 Release due to CR 6903705. So if you were waiting to avoid a BFU or full compile you should bother waiting unless you can hold out till mid December for 129.

Also, do remember, the clock is ticking on SX:CE. I still have hopes for a reprieve from the powers that be to keep SX:CE alive, but you never know. If that happens either be prepared to get really comfortable with BFU or code building, or get ready to embrace Indiana with both arms. Solaris 10 proper is of course an option, but not a great one.

UPDATE 2: Changed link to the re-spin snv_128b.