Posted on November 17, 2009

My talk at LISA is now available. This is a 1 hour version of the ZFS in the Trenches talk. As always I hope that you find it informative and at least a little entertaining. Slides are here).

I also want to take this opportunity to say a heart felt thank you to Deirdré Straughan, Lynn Rohrer, and Teresa Giacomini.

Because of Deirdre countless people around the globe can participate and learn from important events. Not only does she spend a mind-boggling amount of time going to these events, but she has done a fantastic job producing very high quality content, and I think is setting the bar in community video presentation. We just don’t get this kind of content from other top tier vendors and I really hope they take notice of her efforts and the benefit to Sun’s current and prospective customer bases.

So please join me in extending your support and appreciation to Deirdre and everyone at Sun that makes these events accessible to the whole world!