Dr. G: Medical Examiner

Posted on November 8, 2009

One of the many facinating things I discovered at LISA was that almost no one has heard of (no one at my sessions at LISA anyway) Dr. G: Medical Examiner

Jan C. Garavaglia, M.D., (aka “Dr. G”) is the chief medical examiner for the District Nine (Orange-Osceola) Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida. An assortment of her cases are strung together to create the weekly show on Discovery Health “Dr. G: Medical Examiner.”


I started watching the show because Tamarah is a Discovery Health channel junky. She loves the medical detective shows such as Dr. G and Mystery Diagnosis. I am particularly drawn to the show when I do a lot of postmortem work on systems (aka: “core dump analysis”). Medical practice is a great model for how to approach problems systematically and to follow the story to its conclusion. I suspect many geeks (at least those who don’t pontificate about not owning a TV) would also enjoy it.