Kernel Conference Australia Kicks Off Today

Posted on July 14, 2009

Kernel Conference Australia starts today. A 3 day event that should be amazing. Sun, thankfully, realizes all of us can’t go, so there is a live stream so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your native country. Things start today at 4PM Pacific time.

Highlights on the agenda include:

  • “Deduplication in ZFS” by Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore
  • “Nehalem and OpenSolaris: more than the sum of their parts” by Max Alt
  • “Diagnosing Interesting Kernel Problems” by Pramod Batni
  • “x86 Fast Reboot” by Sherry Moore (Yes, Bill’s Wife, she’s awesome)
  • “How to survive as an Aussie Kernel Engineer (What I should have known but learnt the hard way)” by Brendan Gregg (MUST NOT MISS!)
  • “Crossbow for OpenSolaris Developers” by Jayakara Kini
  • “Porting USB HID Device Drivers between Linux and OpenSolaris” by Max Bruning (Never miss Max!)
  • … and much more.

Don’t miss this event! Put on a TV Dinner and park it in front of you laptop for the evening and don’t forget a notebook and pen!