ONStor Pantera LS 2100: ZFS in a Can

Posted on May 6, 2009

Here’s something in the “old news I didn’t catch” dept… ONStor Pantera LS 2100 “a breakthough storage platform that delivers enterprise class features at entry level prices.” Why do we care? Its ZFS based. Joining similar storage solutions NexentaStor and almighty Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems (aka Amber Road + FishWorks).

ONStor is offering two configs:

  • The LS 2130: 4 Intel Cores, 8GB of RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 48 disks.
  • The LS 2150: Which doubles the specs of the 2130, offering 8 Intel Cores, 16GB of RAM, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and up to 96 disks.

Both configurations offer a 10Gb Ethernet option and utilize 3U 15 Disk (3.5″) enclosures for expansion. Frankly, based on the pictures on the site it appears to simply be re-badged Dell PowerEdge 2950 and PowerVault SAS arrays in a pre-configed format. Like other players in this space your paying for the integration and support of a turn-key solution as opposed to going the hard-core do-it-yourself route.

ONStor is a quality brand in the storage industry and I’m glad to see them capitalizing on the power of ZFS. Certainly NexentaStor has a solid lead on them, but the more players we have the better for everyone… there is enough storage business to go around.

… and its named Pantera…. how can you not love that?

I haven’t actually tried the ONStor, but if anyone from the company wants to send me a demo unit I’d be more than happy to write up a solid review on it. 😉