Become a ZFS Ninja at CommunityOne West

Posted on May 8, 2009

JavaOne is coming up, the first week of June, and that means CommunityOne is back! There is a whole week of goodness, starting with the HA Cluster Summit Sunday May 31st, then CommunityOne June 1st thru the 3rd, and JavaOne the rest of the week.

On June 2nd, I’ll be giving a 2 hour zero-to-hero talk on ZFS to give you Ninja like skills. Here is a brief outline of the talk:

  • Creating Pools & Layout Schemes (RAID)
  • Pool Maintenance & Handling Physical Devices in Solaris
  • Creating Filesystem Datasets
  • Manipulating Dataset Properties
  • Creating Volume Datasets
  • Snapshots
  • Replication (zfs send/recv)
  • Backup Considerations & Methodology
  • Sharing Filesystem Datasets with NFS
  • Sharing Filesystem Datasets with CIFS
  • Sharing Volume Datasets with iSCSI
  • Intro to Related Technologies: COMSTAR, Cloud & Virtualization Applications, SNDR Replication, etc.

This is a deep dive talk with the intention of being comprehensive, so if your new to ZFS please join us, but more especially, if you’ve got some ZFS experience but think you might have some gaps or want to learn about aspects you may have missed or topics not found in the manuals, this is the place to really hone your ninja skills.

My talk is the 2nd in a 4 session track . I’ll follow Chris Armes who will talk about deployment, then following me is Nick Solter (co-author of The OpenSolaris Bible) to talk about OpenHA Cluster, and Jerry “The Man” Jelinek (another co-author of The OpenSolaris Bible) to talk about Containers (aka: Zones) and Virtualization.

Despite what you may have read, this deep dive is free. Please, come one come all and hone your OpenSolaris skills and have some fun. This is an excellent opportunity for free training, don’t pass it up! And this is real training… we’re focusing on teaching skills, not just presenting marketing slides… you will learn something. 🙂

Becoming a ZFS Ninja… part of an all day OpenSolaris Track…. CommunityOne San Franciso…. June 2nd…. be there!