SGI Acquired by Rackable Systems Inc

Posted on April 1, 2009

Here is an example of why I hate April Fools: Rackable Systems Announces Agreement to Acquire Silicon Graphics Inc., and here is the press release by Rackable: RACKABLE SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE SILICON GRAPHICS INC..

A joke? No, apparently not, unless the SEC is in on it, here is the SEC Form 8-K filed today: SEC FORM 8-K RACKABLE SYSTEMS, INC.

And so, the end of an era… finally and officially. SGI is dead, may she rest well. We will miss the awesome workstations which we drewled over and then bought on eBay when they were cheap and worthless but still made us smile. We will pray for the free release of CXFS. We will forgive you for the sins against Cray and the harm that you needlessly did. SGI, RIP.