OpenSolaris Election Results

Posted on March 24, 2009

It is done, the results are available: see the official results here.

The Constitution did not pass… it was getting lots of votes as expected, however due to our massive number of non-active “members”, we didn’t get a majority. 218 Ayes, 31 Nays, and 22 Abstaining. A majority was required, which as 234 Ayes to pass. The good new is that the Nays and Abstentions really did matter, so this was community decided, not simply a result of bad turnout.

Your new OGB is:

  • John Beck,
  • Valerie Fenwick,
  • Michelle Olson,
  • Simon Phipps,
  • John Plocher,
  • Peter Tribble, and
  • Jim Walker.

A big win for the community, Peter Tribble is renowned as one of the most prominent and passionate Solaris SysAdmins on the globe and is not a Sun employee… we’re lucky to have him on the board. John Plocher was (foolishly) RIF’d, and I’m glad to see him back on the board… he’s a good man. So we have 2 non-employee board members, which is a positive improvement.

As for turnout in general… 466 Core Contribs total, and 271 of them voted, for a turnout of 58%.

Congrats to everyone on the new OGB.