Why I Hate EMC

Posted on January 16, 2009

I do, I really hate EMC. And here is a great example of why:

If your reading this via an aggregator, here is the video embedded above: EMC Atmos featured on YouTube.

HE SAYS NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! What is the product? What does it actually do? How does it do it? THIS IS MARKETING BULLSHIT.

There, I said it. I am truly shocked that companies, in this day and age, can still get away with old school marketing jibberish which we became so accustom to by the HP’s of the world. IBM changed its ways, Sun changed its ways… gah. Really, am I the only one who goes nuts seeing product data sheets and so-called presentations which are just a lot of hot air?

EMC Atmos seems like an interesting product. My understanding is that its an outgrowth of UC Berkeley’s OceanStore, which I believe to be a milestone project in the history of computing storage, and thus Atmos is of great interest to me, but apparently the last entity I should rely on for information regarding it is EMC themselves.

Ok… rant over. I’ll bury this with a technical posting.

UPDATE NOTE: I want to be clear and apologies to the fellow in the video if he comes across this. This is nothing against his particular presentation, but as an example of EMC in general. It was clearly highly scripted and he himself probly doesn’t like it. Anyway, he did a fine job, its the messaging method that bothers me. There are plenty more like this on YouTube, or just go read EMC’s website.