Death of a Hero: Robert Snively

Posted on January 23, 2009

Bob Snively is the storage giant you’ve probly never heard of. Employed at Sun for a number of years and recently moved to Brocade, if you dig into the SCSI and Fibre Channel standards you’ll see his name again and again. His accomplishments are greater than I can list with any accuracy.

Yesterday, in my SNIA presentation I mentioned “my personal hero, Bob Snively”… afterwards, 2 different people came up to inform me that he just passed away a couple days ago. I couldn’t be more devastated… I’d hope to find him around the show. In fact, I met him personally for the first time just in October at the last SNIA event, he seemed strong and healthy, but apparently was in remission at the time.

The official notice is here.

Next time you work on a system that uses a SCSI command set, whisper “Thanks Bob” for our main man.