Coming to a bookstore near you….

Posted on January 16, 2009

I wanted to comment on two forthcoming books:

The first is Sharon Veach’s Solaris Security Essentials. This is currently available on Safari as a rough cut and looks very good so far. Sharon is an excellent writer and the book will be a welcome edition to any administrators library.

Co-writen by Nicholas A. Solter, Jerry Jelinek, and David Miner. I’m particularly excited for Jerry (I’m his biggest fan… GO ZONES!). writing a book is no easy task, especially in editing and review. Based on the table of contents there is a huge quantity of content here and my hat is off to them for getting it all done in under 1 year. Trust me, writing is a labor of love… for the time you put into writing a book you would make more getting paid minimum wage at 7-11. This should be a great text to supplement the documentation and excellent reference.

Jerry has a great post about writing the book in his blog.

Congrats to all!