Gets a Major Facelift

Posted on November 7, 2008

If you don’t make it a habit to hit the front page frequently, have a look. I’ve notice some incremental change over the last couple days and tonight its gotten a major facelift. It now pushes offers in your face more prominently (downloads and try-n-buys), integrates a lot more video (most is rehashed stuff that you may or may not have seen), and most interesting breaks down business sectors.

One interesting thing is banners like Transform Your Email with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This suggests a major shift in marketing focus; rather than push potential Java Enterprise solution stacks, just giving in to the fact that the business world is standardized on Exchange and sell sell sell.

I’m not suggesting that Sun hasn’t appealed to the Microsoft base in the past, we’ve gradually see Microsoft logo’s slip onto more and more presentation slide decks, but this feels like Sun’s finally put its arms around the beast in light of these tough economic times.

Frankly, I’d go even further to suggest that this is just the first step toward Sun really shifting into rescue mode. While I currently have no visibility into whats happening in the halls of Sun, the external vibe I’m getting is that there is extreme pressure on the executives to turn this thing around… or else. That might be a “duh” statement, but most of us will agree that Sun’s been in a tough position for a while now… something has changed drastically, something very recent, and I’m not sure its the economic downturn/crash, so much as its putting pressure on an already disastrous situation.

I could speculate further, but for now lets just watch and wait.