Formula1 World Champion: Lewis Hamilton

Posted on November 3, 2008

Todays Grand Prix of Brazil marked the end of the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship, and on the 2nd to the last corner, fate crowned Lewis Hamilton World Champion.

It was an exciting race. Unlike last year, Lewis was much more controlled and calm… he wasn’t fighting battles he didn’t need to fight, which cost him the crown last year. However, very much like last year, late in the race he just fell apart and acted like he forgot how to drive… it was sad. Post race interviews reveal that he was just trying to play it safe and didn’t realize that when he gave up position to Sebastian Vettel he was in fact giving up the World Championship. He got oh so lucky that Timo Glock lost out big in the 2nd to last corner allowing Lewis an easy pass and the Championship.

Conspiracy theorists will suggest that Glock actually let Lewis by… but I tend to doubt it. He was on dry tires, struggling on the last lap, and that corner becomes a small river in the wet. Furthermore, there is no incentive to letting Lewis win, Toyota could have used the extra point. Lastly, given the level of concentration in the closing laps, I highly doubt he was aware of the championship situation. Post-race interviews showed that when Vettel passed Lewis he had no idea that he was potentially deciding the World Championship… in fact, his tone was such that I think he regretted the pass. Therefore, the only way this thing goes down as a plot was if there was a radio transmission to Glock in the 2nd half of the last lap with information or an order. If there was information, and he wanted to give up the position, its his to give… if there were orders, you can believe Ferrari will sniff it out and we’ll hear about it. But I seriously doubt it, as I said, Toyota had nothing to gain either way.

While I’m a Ferrari fan (more to the point, a Räikkönen fan), I’m glad Lewis won. Frankly, I just don’t like Massa. And more importantly, I think Lewis winning the title is just plain good for the sport.

While a side note, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that if Obama win’s the Presidency, 2008 will go down as a year where two prominent positions always assumed to belong to white males have gone to black men.

And, on top of all that, a British driver with a British constructor won… go Britannia!!