Blastwave Saga Continues

Posted on October 10, 2008

You’ll recall my “unofficial” Blastwave update in August. The separation of Phil and Dennis seems to be solidifying a bit. The CSW Project (Phil and co.) are now up and running at Minus the blastwave name and CSS, its more or less the same site and content you had/have at includes a History page, which tells the CSW side of the breakup, minus the unverified assertions by Dennis Clarke that Phil Brown tried to setup with a company in Europe. To this end, Dennis has, naturally, written a response: A simple response to the OpenCSW crew, a blog entry that is simply a re-post of a CSW Maintainers list thread.

If you are interested in the unfolding soap opera, read and enjoy. If you simply enjoy using CSW/Blastwave software, nothing has yet changed sufficient to cause any reason to notice.

Please note, if you are new to this saga and read through the links above please bear in mind why Solaris 8 support is such a big issue. See, most of the existing Solaris install base is still running Solaris 8 on SPARC, furthermore, because of Solaris binary compatability, anything built on Solaris 8 (Solaris 2.6 for that matter) will run on Solaris 9, Solaris 10, Nevada or OpenSolaris… the only downside is that building software on Solaris 8, due to its age, can be a big more painful than on Solaris 10. The argument then falls into two camps: deal with the pain and be available to more users, or dump older releases to make builds easier and thus hope to attract new maintainers. In a nutshell anyway. Enjoy.