SAPro is coming…

Posted on August 26, 2008

Systems Administration is a lonely job. There is very little support for professionals and we’re all very divided. There is, I find, a common desire to know what “the other guy” is doing or thinking, what tools they use, how they arrange their day, how they deal with stress, how they select one gig over another, how they provide for a wife and family in it all.

A podcast is a great way to do this, but there isn’ t much out there. The closest was Kevin Devin’s “From the Trenches”, which appears to be dead, and always focused on the Windows/Cisco network segment which is frankly uninteresting to me.

Enter SAPro…

This new podcast will be interview and round-table focused, unlike my previous podcast(s) which were all in the “one guy with a mic” format. Even I didn’t want to listen to them unless I was really bored.

I’m organizing several “admin roundtables” for diverse discussion and starting to line up several interviews with industry super-stars. If you want to participate please let me know. I am particularly interested in interviewing vendor backline support engineers, if you are one please contact me.

Keep your eyes open, I plan to roll out episodes soon.