SA Pro Episode 0: Education and Qualifications

Posted on August 29, 2008

The very first episode of SA Pro is here!

In the podcast we’ll use one of two formats, classic 1-on-1 interview style and a round-table discussion format. This episode is the latter.

Together with Joe Moore of Siemens and Mark Imbriaco of 37signals we discuss the following questions:

  1. What is the mark of a good SA?
  2. What are the essential qualifications?
  3. Does formal education and/or certs matter?

Whats really new and unique is that Joe, Mark, and I don’t know each other. They both responded to a request for participants on the OpenSolaris SA’s list and matched the qualifications I was aiming for, thats the extent of it. This is interesting because even though the three of us are in very different circumstances, have different histories, and are geographically separated, we’re not very dissimilar. It amazes me how much unity there is among a group with so few governing institutions.

The podcast is 1hr 6 mins and definately worth a listen. Feedback is appreciated, but this was the first one, so be kind. (Yes I know my audio was too low.)

A huge thank you goes out to Joe and Mark for participating!