OpenSolaris Storage Summit 2008: San Jose

Posted on August 5, 2008

The first annual OpenSolaris Storage Summit is coming on Sunday, September 21st, to San Jose, to be followed by SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. This is really exciting. SNIA SDC is one of the best storage conferences in the world (along with USENIX FAST), and OpenSolaris is undoubtedly the more powerful storage platform on earth… this is an excellent opportunity to get a lot of excellent and rewarding information in a week and get to meet the minds behind the technology in OpenSolaris.

Among the speaker lineup, myself and Mike Shapiro are the keynote speakers. If you have any interest in the future of storage you do not want to miss Mike Shapiro! Trust me. You don’t.

As for my keynote, I would love to get feedback from everyone on what you’d like me to talk about. I have some ideas on what I could speak about, but I really want to provide as much value to the attendees as possible, so if you have topics you want discussed please send them my way.

Among the topics I will address is the impact of “cloud computing” on the modern storage infrastructure, how it relates to “Open Storage”, and where things are heading in the future. Storage is, hands down, the most complex aspect of the cloud infrastructure and we’ll dig our heals into it together.

The event is free, so you have no excuse not to attend! Just add your name to the registration list and your in! Pricing for SDC to follow is very reasonable and a very good investment in yourself and your company. If your in the Bay Area you’ve got to attend… if your outside of the area, tell your boss that Ben Rockwood said you need to be there, they’ll give in right away. 🙂