Possible iPhone 2.0 Leak

Posted on June 9, 2008

My Moto RAZR was recently lost/stolen (I left it on a table in a resturaunt, 5 minutes later it was no where to be found and a call suggested the SIM card was yanked), but I haven’t really dispaired. I’ve been very interested in iPhone 2.0 but needed clarification on what features it would have, namely I want 3G, GPS, and a better camera. This leak found on CrunchGear suggests that it’ll be even better than that! Apparently the iPhone will include a front-facing camera for iChat AV! Tamarah and I are big fans of iChat AV, we talk nightly via it when I’m on the road. If this is in fact included I’ll not only buy one for myself but also for Tamarah.

Of course, there is always debates over leaks… is it real or faked, who knows, but it makes me hope none-the-less. If I could get one with 32GB at $499 I’ll be a very happy camper. In the mean time I’m restricted to my Joyent BlackBerry.

UPDATE: And its here! No word about iChat AV, but the price has been greatly reduced, GPS and 3G are there. I’ll be getting one as soon as it releases! 🙂