Songbird on Solaris!

Posted on April 7, 2008

Who’s the man? Alfred Peng’s the man. He has released a Solaris/X86 binary build of Songbird 0.5! I downloaded it to my snv_85 box (BFU’ed from snv_75 install), untar’ed and started up absolutely fine and is very quick. I’m currently listening to my NIN Ghosts I-IV FLAC’s.

I’ll be honest with you.. I installed Songbird on my Mac simply for listening to FLAC’s… but its really really hard to compete with iTunes, not just because iTunes is a great media player but also because I admit to being an iTunes shopper as well. BUT!!! On Solaris, *nix for that matter, most of the old standby players suck, and I hate rhythmbox… just hate it. There are some good players out there but I haven’t had the time to build them. Songbird is a welcome solution, its pretty (I’m an E guy at heart, its gotta look good!) and really kickin’.

All hail Songbird on Solaris! w00t!… er, I mean, p00t!