Solaris Evangelists: LUGRadio SF This Weekend

Posted on April 8, 2008

This is a call for all Solaris Evangelists in the SF Bay Area… LUGradio SF is happening this weekend at the Metreon. Sun/OpenSolaris will have a booth there, put together by the amazing Jesse Silver. I had planned to help man the booth on Saturday but other plans came up and I am forced to withdraw. If your an evangelist who wants to meet kool people and share the news about OpenSolaris I’d encourage you to go to the OpenSolaris Advocacy Community Group, signup on the list (if you aren’t already) and send a mail saying you want to help out. I already requested that an Ultra40 be present for demo’s (you can take the side panel off to show in innards, always a crowd pleaser).

If you don’t consider yourself an evangelist, but like to see kool stuff and meet kool people I recommend going to the show as a participant… its only $10 to get in, and just about all the Linux heavy-weights are gonna be there. It’ll be a good time for all… and don’t forget to wear an OpenSolaris shirt. 🙂