SMF Manifest Generator

Posted on April 29, 2008

Announced today on the OpenSolaris Announce list was this snazzy tool: easySMF. Its a simple to use web form that creates SMF Manifests that you can easily plug into your system (svccfg import my_manifest.xml). This is snazzy indeed and I’m very curious to know who wrote it, but its hosted by the OpenSolaris Hispano Project, nice work guys!

SMF Manifests are like Atari games, takes a couple tries to get the hang of things but you’ll mellow into a groove, and the more you play around the more fun things you’ll be able to do. Never the less, getting started can be a hill a little higher than you expect, easySMF should be a great tool to get your apps up quick and help you gain some confidence in manifest tweeking.