MySQL & DTrace: MySQL Users Conf Session

Posted on April 17, 2008

I presented my “MySQL & DTrace” talk at the MySQL Users Conf this morning. The presentation is more terse than I wanted because of the 45 minute per session slots. The presentation is focused on a quick primer on DTrace, followed by examples of tracing MySQL using the PID provider rather than waiting for static probes, as well as some notes about static probes and the current status on integration.

Download the PDF slides here. Keep your eye on the Joyuer, Joyent blog in the next week as both myself and Derek Crudgington will be talk more about MySQL & DTrace.

For those who attended, I hope it was useful, feedback so far has been very positive. I’ll repeat here my special thanks to Joyent MySQL guru Derek Crudgington for his help, please check out his blog Blog of Derek Crudgington @ Much more will be coming from the two of us soon, particularly in his DTrace MySQL Toolkit.