April Fools ’08 Flops

Posted on April 2, 2008

Every morning I start the day by sitting down at my laptop with a cup of coffee and going through the normal news feeds, among them slashdot. There are far too many mornings when I have to quickly check the date because of some news story beyond belief, either our of stupidity or excess… but surprisingly, April 1st 2008 was not one of those days. All the stories around yesterday were either boring or non-obvious. A good April Fools joke has got to be just over the top, that evokes an emotional response for about a second before your logic kicks in and calms you down. “Apple discontinues MacBook Pro” is a good example.

Surprisingly, the only good April Fools joke out there was from Jonathan Schwartz! Yet again he shows us that he’s a different kind of CEO. His post didn’t fool you much, but it was extremely funny and a welcome diversion from the day.

Tamarah liked it so much she blogged a great reply: YOU CAN TAKE IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS, JONATHAN!1 Classic. 🙂

I’m sorry that I didn’t have any good fools posts… I thought of a couple, but they were all round-about pokes at people. Just this morning I thought of a really good one, but I’ll have to say it for next year I guess. 🙂