NFS Server DTrace Providers; snv_85 is up!

Posted on March 24, 2008

Anyone with an NFS server will be happy to hear that an NFSv4 Server Provider was added to snv_80 and the NFSv3 provider to snv_84. snv_85 is ready for download now; I just BFU’ed my snv_75 workstation up to 85 without a problem last night.

root@ultra ~$ dtrace -lP nfsv*    
   ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
70815      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_dispatch null-done
70816      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_dispatch null-start
70823      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_readdir op-readdir-done
70824      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_readdir op-readdir-start
70827      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_do_cb_recall cb-recall-done
70828      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_do_cb_recall cb-recall-start
70830      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_lockt op-lockt-done
70831      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_lockt op-lockt-start
70832      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_locku op-locku-done
70833      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_locku op-locku-start
70834      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_lock op-lock-done
70835      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_lock op-lock-start
70836      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_close op-close-done
70837      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_close op-close-start
70838      nfsv4            nfssrv       rfs4_op_setclientid_confirm op-setclientid-confirm-done
70839      nfsv4            nfssrv       rfs4_op_setclientid_confirm op-setclientid-confirm-start
70840      nfsv4            nfssrv               rfs4_op_setclientid op-setclientid-done
70841      nfsv4            nfssrv               rfs4_op_setclientid op-setclientid-start
70842      nfsv4            nfssrv            rfs4_op_open_downgrade op-open-downgrade-done
70843      nfsv4            nfssrv            rfs4_op_open_downgrade op-open-downgrade-start
70844      nfsv4            nfssrv              rfs4_op_open_confirm op-open-confirm-done
70845      nfsv4            nfssrv              rfs4_op_open_confirm op-open-confirm-start
70846      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_open op-open-done
70847      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_open op-open-start
70848      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_compound compound-done
70849      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_compound compound-start
70850      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_write op-write-done
70851      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_write op-write-start
70852      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_nverify op-nverify-done
70853      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_nverify op-nverify-start
70854      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_verify op-verify-done
70855      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_verify op-verify-start
70856      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_setattr op-setattr-done
70858      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_setattr op-setattr-start
70859      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_savefh op-savefh-done
70860      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_savefh op-savefh-start
70861      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_op_restorefh op-restorefh-done
70862      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_op_restorefh op-restorefh-start
70863      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_renew op-renew-done
70864      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_renew op-renew-start
70865      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_rename op-rename-done
70867      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_rename op-rename-start
70868      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_remove op-remove-done
70871      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_remove op-remove-start
70872      nfsv4            nfssrv         rfs4_op_release_lockowner op-release-lockowner-done
70873      nfsv4            nfssrv         rfs4_op_release_lockowner op-release-lockowner-start
70874      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_readlink op-readlink-done
70875      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_readlink op-readlink-start
70876      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_op_putrootfh op-putrootfh-done
70877      nfsv4            nfssrv                 rfs4_op_putrootfh op-putrootfh-start
70878      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_putfh op-putfh-done
70879      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_putfh op-putfh-start
70880      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_putpubfh op-putpubfh-done
70882      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_putpubfh op-putpubfh-start
70883      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_read op-read-done
70884      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_read op-read-start
70885      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_openattr op-openattr-done
70886      nfsv4            nfssrv                  rfs4_op_openattr op-openattr-start
70887      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_lookupp op-lookupp-done
70888      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_lookupp op-lookupp-start
70889      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_lookup op-lookup-done
70890      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_lookup op-lookup-start
70892      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_link op-link-done
70893      nfsv4            nfssrv                      rfs4_op_link op-link-start
70894      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_getfh op-getfh-done
70895      nfsv4            nfssrv                     rfs4_op_getfh op-getfh-start
70896      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_getattr op-getattr-done
70897      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_getattr op-getattr-start
70898      nfsv4            nfssrv               rfs4_op_delegreturn op-delegreturn-done
70899      nfsv4            nfssrv               rfs4_op_delegreturn op-delegreturn-start
70900      nfsv4            nfssrv                rfs4_op_delegpurge op-delegpurge-done
70901      nfsv4            nfssrv                rfs4_op_delegpurge op-delegpurge-start
70902      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_create op-create-done
70903      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_create op-create-start
70904      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_commit op-commit-done
70905      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_commit op-commit-start
70906      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_access op-access-done
70909      nfsv4            nfssrv                    rfs4_op_access op-access-start
70910      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_secinfo op-secinfo-done
70911      nfsv4            nfssrv                   rfs4_op_secinfo op-secinfo-start
70919      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_commit op-commit-done
70921      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_commit op-commit-start
70922      nfsv3            nfssrv                     rfs3_pathconf op-pathconf-done
70924      nfsv3            nfssrv                     rfs3_pathconf op-pathconf-start
70925      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_fsinfo op-fsinfo-done
70927      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_fsinfo op-fsinfo-start
70928      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_fsstat op-fsstat-done
70930      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_fsstat op-fsstat-start
70931      nfsv3            nfssrv                  rfs3_readdirplus op-readdirplus-done
70933      nfsv3            nfssrv                  rfs3_readdirplus op-readdirplus-start
70934      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_readdir op-readdir-done
70936      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_readdir op-readdir-start
70937      nfsv3            nfssrv                         rfs3_link op-link-done
70940      nfsv3            nfssrv                         rfs3_link op-link-start
70941      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_rename op-rename-done
70943      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_rename op-rename-start
70944      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_rmdir op-rmdir-done
70946      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_rmdir op-rmdir-start
70947      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_remove op-remove-done
70949      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_remove op-remove-start
70950      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_mknod op-mknod-done
70952      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_mknod op-mknod-start
70953      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_symlink op-symlink-done
70955      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_symlink op-symlink-start
70956      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_mkdir op-mkdir-done
70958      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_mkdir op-mkdir-start
70959      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_create op-create-done
70961      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_create op-create-start
70962      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_write op-write-done
70964      nfsv3            nfssrv                        rfs3_write op-write-start
70965      nfsv3            nfssrv                         rfs3_read op-read-done
70967      nfsv3            nfssrv                         rfs3_read op-read-start
70968      nfsv3            nfssrv                     rfs3_readlink op-readlink-done
70970      nfsv3            nfssrv                     rfs3_readlink op-readlink-start
70971      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_access op-access-done
70973      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_access op-access-start
70974      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_lookup op-lookup-done
70976      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rfs3_lookup op-lookup-start
70977      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_setattr op-setattr-done
70979      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_setattr op-setattr-start
70980      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_getattr op-getattr-done
70981      nfsv3            nfssrv                      rfs3_getattr op-getattr-start
70982      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rpc_null_v3 op-null-done
70983      nfsv3            nfssrv                       rpc_null_v3 op-null-start

If you don’t own a copy, now might be a good time to buy:

A big congrats and thank you to the whole DTrace team! Now I’m only waiting on getting the Network Provider… goooooooooobye snoop!