dtrace.conf(08) Pictures

Posted on March 17, 2008

I’ve uploaded my dtrace.conf(08) pictures, find them on flikr here: dtrace.conf(08) pictures. These are just mine, I’m sure others took their own pictures as well.

Also, I did record all 10 or so hours of the conference! I’m transcoding and prep’ing them, sorry for the lag on getting those out but I’ve been so busy with new ideas as a result of the conference that I’ve been spending my weekend in ‘vi’ rather than ‘iMovie’. The quality isn’t astounding but recording demonstrations is always a challenge for a single camera because you commonly have a light source behind the speaker and a high resolution image thats hard to see even in 16:9 without zooming into it. Anyway, something is always better than nothing.

With regard to the video… I bought an HDD Camcorder (JVC 30GB) so that I could actually get the whole thing recorded (on 90minute DV tapes these things are linguistically complex). The “raw” video is MPEG-2 in 16:9 format. I’m transcoding and trimming a bit, but nothing else. If someone wants to put their video editing skills to the task I’m happy to make that MPEG-2 available and someone can cut and edit all the video up nice. Let me know if your interested.