OpenSolaris Meeting of the Members: PLEASE READ

Posted on February 29, 2008

Calling all Core Contributors!!!

The OpenSolaris Constitution stipulates in article 5 that there is to be a “Meeting of the Members” annually. If we do not get quorum during that meeting we can not have an election.

If you are an OpenSolaris Core Contributor you are a “member” per the Constitution. All members should connect to the #opensolaris-meeting IRC channel on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE… like, TODAY.

Need an IRC client? If you are running Windows or Linux download XChat, if your on Solaris you can get xchat from Blastwave, if your on Mac you can use Colloquy, and alternatively, if you are a Firefox user you can use Chatzilla on any platform.

Login and just state your nick (irc login name), user name, and your full name, eg:

benr == benr == Ben Rockwood

Please get in there an announce yourself so we can meet the quorum required for election!