Blogs, Micro-Blogs, Privacy and Paranoia

Posted on February 10, 2008

Does anyone else worry about the convergence of blogging, micro-blogging (Twitter, Facebook, Zannel, et al), and the classic privacy concerns? I recently took a trip to LA, the kids first trip to DIsneyland, and I didn’t talk about it in any way. Why? Because I’m afraid someone will find my home address, see a blog entry about some great thing I bought, and then see a “Just arrived in LA!” Tweet and then break into my home to get it. Is that paranoid? Maybe.

Thanks to the FCC Licensing database (both Tamarah and I are HAM radio operators), domain registries, and other unavoidable public databases, your address is out there. Combine those with what you have and what your doing any your just screwed. I’m terrified of the day some news story starts with “He Twittered that he was out late and…”