Posted on January 1, 2008

Less than 1 hour to go here in California and 2007 will be done… just enough time to slip in a final blog entry for the year. I’ll downshift into light contemplation…

Does anyone else feel wierd about it already being 2008? The turn of the centry is a big event and takes a while to get over, I guess, but what really makes things strange is that “2000”, even now, is synonymous with “the future”. Lots of sci-fi looks to 2000, 2001, 2010, 2019 (all hail Blade Runner) as the future in which androids and flying cars will infiltrate our lives. Perhaps that serves as part of the reason for so much retro flare over the last few years. Wood is more popular than its been in some time, I don’t yet know of anyone who has steel deck plating for a kitchen floor. The ’80s look more futuristic than today. We’ve got rovers on Mars and some excellent break throughs in science, but we’re a far cry away from, specifically in a social/cultural sense, from were we thought we’d be.

Am I alone in this quandary? 2008 is the future!!! Er, no, actually, its in 30 minutes. A strange sort of non-paradox.

Happy New Years. So long 2007… I swear that I’ll ditch that 20lbs I picked up since I started working at home this year, really and truly I will. 🙂