Praise for Opera

Posted on November 2, 2007

The Opera web browser has been around a long time and its always been a bit player with a hardcore following. I’ve always thought of it as the BeOS of browsers. But are you using it?

To be perfect honest I think that Opera is (now) probly the best browser available. Even more so, its integrated mail client is I think the best mail client available. If Opera had any one fault it would be that it does too much, because at its heart its really more of a windowing system than it is a browser.

Beyond just being a great browser, Opera is available for just about every platform under the sun, and they have always been a very good friend of Solaris. Opera really deserves a lot of credit and praise for its efforts in this area; a dedication that I wish large vendors like Oracle would latch on to (Oracle 11g still isn’t available for Solaris!)

If you haven’t tried Opera in a while go get it and give it a try! And don’t write it off in the first 2 minutes, check out its variety of themes and widgets and customization capabilities. If after 30 minutes you still don’t jive, then feel free to go back, but I think after 30 minutes of play you’ll be really impressed and contemplate switching!