Sunday Night Heats: End of a great racing weekend

Posted on October 22, 2007

I made it out to Sunday Night Heats at LeMans Karting tonight; ’twas a good finish to a great weekend of racing. I fared well, finished 4th in the final and had a best lap of 19.3s (18’s are great drivers, 19’s are good drivers, 20’s are “learn your line!” times, and everything above that is for back markers) which is great because you figure every extra 10lbs add a tenth of a second to your time, and I’m about 30lbs over the weight I think I should be right now, so if I can get into shape in this next year I’ll be back in first or second where I want to be.

I’m hoping that in the next year I can really get things together, better sorted out, and find some time to do more driving and penitentially move from indoor karting to outdoor sprint karts. Nova will be ready to start driving karts in a year or two (Tam won’t let the kids drive till their 5) so I’ll have to be in good form.

For all you folks that give me grief about daring to put anything non-technical in my personal blog, fear not, I’ll pledge to make several technical posts in the next couple days to which no one will post comments.

Here’s a great pic of Nova at the American Le Mans race at Leguna Seca: