Conference Updates

Posted on September 20, 2007

The Intel Developer Forum is now over, which closes out the years big Bay Area conferences for me. My only regret this year was that there was no OpenSolaris presence at LinuxWorld because I was on vacation during the event.

For those who were planning on seeing me at CEC in Las Vegas, I’m disappointed to say that the organizers rejected my “iSCSI & The Future of Storage” talk and then today canceled the presentation that I was going to co-present on Virtualization. Really, its not I but the show attendees that will miss out on unique real world perspectives… I have plenty to say about CEC but won’t.

And so we now can collectively turn our attention toward the first even OpenSolaris Developers Summit in North America, to happen in mid-October in Santa Cruz, CA. Register today, the event is free and will bring together the biggest names in the world of Solaris, some old and some new, to look toward a bold new future and chart our path to glory. Its going to be a landmark historic event, so do not miss this unique opportunity to be part of it!