Posted on August 24, 2007

Most people have no doubt heard by now that Sun’s stock ticker, SUNW (Stanford University Network Workstation), will be changed to JAVA, on the NASDAQ market. Will such a simple change help change the market opinion of the stock? I dunno, it might. I admit that it seems a bit desprate… but then, I’ll admit that I have enough confidence in the move that I bought 200 more shares just in case. (Funny enough, I bought 200 shares of SUNW last night at market price, to be executed at market open this morning… the total buy price was, I kid you not, $999.99. A good sign? I hope so.)

For details on the move, see Jonathan’s blog.

In related new, if you missed Jonathan’s first appearance on CNBC go watch it now! Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” punches Jonathan in the mouth, and Jonathan ain’t havin’ none of it… Jonathan was really put on the spot and handled it like a pro, very smooth indeed. Jim finally exclaims, to my delight, “Holy cow! Sun’s back!” Well done Jonathan!