Big Quick Update

Posted on August 14, 2007

I was planning several blog entries about individual topics with pictures and such but just haven’t found the time, so I’ll do a bulk update on recent happenings and such….

So I’m back.. The family and I went off on our annual week long camping trip. Being nomadic car campers we spent 2 nights at Campsite 4 in Yosemite, 3 nights at Hume Lake, and a final night in Kings Canyon. It was fun to get away. The kids make it a lot of work, there isn’t much relaxing really, but getting away from things and concentrating on something else was great.

Many of you have reported that parts of Cuddletech have been broken for over a week. This was a result of a quick untar migration of Cuddletech from my old provider (1&1) to my new fancy, l337 Joyent Accelerator. 1&1 shut down the site because I migrated my DNS to Joyent’s monster DNS servers, glad to finally have a reason to spend the 5 minutes migrating I did, but like a mechanic who works on everyone elses car but not his own, I forgot to ‘chmod’ all the files after untar’ing and so some of my old blog entries weren’t showing up. I know I’m biased about Accelerators and all, but having full root control of your web presence is so frickin’ awesome. I suppose its always a good sign when you, as a consumer, are giddy with delight about the product you’re the architect of. 🙂

I just recorded an episode of Sun’s Developer Network TV show this morning (SDN TV). Jason did one, I did another. As always this is one of those things were you get through it but 3 hours later think of the perfect thing to say and wish you could re-do it. Oh well. This one was much better than my last SDN TV appearance which was an absolute pile of crap and I think was removed from the site when they revamped the show. For those who are curious, SDN TV does use a full set and production crew which is actually a converted lab in the Sun MPK14 building. Its totally pro, 3 cameras and full filming crew, director, etc. I actually got a shake down when I asked to stop filming after making a mistake or something and a prompt “Look, I’m the director here, you don’t stop unless I tell you to…” It was kinda funny and a neat experience. Last time I filmed with SDN it was in a hall way.

Several projects are on my plate including some Storage documentation currently dubbed “The Big Book of Solaris Storage” but right now its just in the planning stages. I need to get my notes together and then try to get co-authors on this one. The intention is to be a one stop reference for all things storage on Solaris; the definative guide if you will. Naturally thats tought because that brings in everything else such as SMF, DTrace, Resource Control, Extended Account, BSM, etc….. so maintaining focus will be a challenge. Anyway, its on my plate.

I bought the domain! Ya, it wasn’t taken. I’ve got lots of ideas, but these are ideas I’ve had for a long time and never executed on. We’ll see if I get something together, but it’ll be a series of screencasts formed into a TV style with lots of cuddletech flare.

OSCON went well. Good event. Was great spending time with the Sun crew. Beyond that, not much to say. I wanted to attend more talks than I was able to, but I got to talk to lots of folks on the show floor which was why I was there so at least I got done what I needed to.

I still haven’t migrated off Pivot as my blog software, but now that I’m on a Joyent Accelerator switching will be trivial, so don’t be supprised if you see a change to my blog in the near future. The current blog and URL’s will all be maintained so as not to invalidate any archived links.

We got a dog. Finally, after much debate and feet dragging Tamarah bought a dog for us. Just as I’ve wanted, he’s a 4 mo old pure-bred Cocker Spaniel. I grew up with Cocker’s and loved them; a lap/show dog if you abuse them, but trained properly they are the ultimate geek dog with keen hunting sensibilities and agility, but also with the ability to chill out on the couch to watch a movie or keep you company when hacking. Life with a young dog does, of course, have its challenges, but we’re adjusting. Pictures down the road.